Windows CardSpace (formerly "InfoCard”)

Windows CardSpace (formerly “InfoCard”) is a Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.0 (formerly WinFX) component that provides the consistent user experience required by the identity metasystem. It is specifically hardened against tampering and spoofing to protect the end user’s digital identities and maintain end-user control.

ATS launches DECT-based first multi-handset phones

American Telecom Services, Inc. has announced about its cordless multi handset Internet phone DECT 6.0. The E6501 includes ATS’ patent-pending Digital Clear functionality and it is expandable to up to five total handsets. The E6501 is first cordless phone using DECT technology that integrates router and a SIP VoIP platform in the charging base of the master cordless phone unit. The relesae of E6501 will make marks in the Internet phone industry.

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Peer to peer TV

TVU networks is a new global live TV service that enables TV Broadcasters and private individuals to broadcast TV channels to a global audiences over the Internet. TVU uses a new application-level multicasting technology (similar to peer-to-peer file sharing) that allows broadcast costs to be exponentially lower than those of today’s streaming technology.


WidSets from Nokia. It’s a very cool service that allows people to make simple widgets which get sent to your phone and run on your phone. They are similar to OS X widgets and do various things like read RSS feeds, show flickr images for a particular tag, or show a Technorati feed. It’s still in Beta, but seems to work well. It works on Java phones so will work on non-Nokia phones as well.

Bitelbox SIP

Je viens de tester un boitier Sipura 3000 avec le service SIP de Free et ça marche ! J’ai mon DECT branché sur le boitier qui accède soit à la ligne SIP soit à la ligne FT. J’avais déjà branché un PABX Asterisk directement sur la Freebox avec une carte XP-100 mais le son n’était pas terrible et je n’ai jamais vraiment trouvé les bons réglages… La c’est nickel et en moins de 30 secondes ! Si quelqu’un a déjà réussi l’accouplement XP-100 et Freebox je suis preneur de l’information : ça permettrait de se monter un PABX avec trois lignes à la maison (FT, Freebox et FreeSIP).


My Asterisk server is up and running. I got a FWD number and my SIP softphone works. I also opened a VoipBuster account and intend to use it to call my swiss friends for free. Next step is to connect the beast to my DECT phone and to my old phone line and the newer one provided by Free (my ADSL provider). A quick trip to eBay to buy 2 X100P cards and a Sipura 2000 adapter and I’ll be ready to experience the thrills of having my own PBX at home !


La Bitelbox permet d’accéder au deux lignes de votre instalation (France Télécom et Freebox, Neufbox ou Livebox) à partir d’un seul téléphone (ou une seule base DECT). Ceci permet de continuer à diffuser son numéro France Télécom comme numéro principal tout en passant ses appels via son opérateur VOIP préféré. L’avantage sur le dégroupage total étant que pour l’instant France Télécom reste le roi de la fiabilitée absolue.

Rubik’s cube solver done in Lego.


This robot solves the 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube®.

I started to think about this problem in about August of 2000. In Jan 2001 fellow Mindstorms forums user ‘agiecco’ announced his intention to work on a robotic solution and, simultaneously, I saw that Rubik’s Cubes were on sale at So I bought a couple of cubes and started getting down to business…

I produced a ‘late beta’ version in mid-April 2001 that was a little clunky. The final version (presented here) is smooth and fairly reliable.


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By Joichi Ito [Joi Ito’s Web]

RIP UltraEdit. When you have the right tools in hand, you can get your work done faster. I’m in love with the new version of PSPad. Dunno if it’s going to replace Metapad as ‘Notepad’ on my system, but I’m certainly going to start using this sucker for all of my text file editing. TopStyle will still remain my default CSS editor, though. To the developer(s) of PSPad: don’t stop. [Chris Pirillo]

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