DLink introduces DWL-900AP, a Linksys WAP11 workalike: DLink’s new model, introduced at $130 list price, appears to be identical in firmware and reference design to Linksys’s WAP11. This isn’t surprising. The price is, however: this may force the street price of both this unit and the WAP11 down closer to $100. You need a Windows […]

A lot of people are using pairs of Linksys WAP11 access points to link wired networks. Linksys and its retail partners keep dropping the price, which was over $200 last summer and is now available for just $135 from Amazon.com. Amazon is also running a free slower shipping promotion for orders $99 and higher (with […]

Thanks to Zeldman for the pointer to a table-less three-column liquid CSS-based site that degrades gracefully (that’s a mouthful). Now I’ve been trying to figure out why this is so important. I wrote XML-RPC for Newbies, to help people understand why it’s so important to geekish Web developers. Would a designer please write a Table-less […]

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