Wine & Fooding Party à Strasbourg le 15 octobre 2007

Ce lundi 15 octobre 2007 aura lieu un Wine & Fooding Party spécial AOC Corbières à partir de 19 heures. La dégustaion de Corbières sera accompagnée de tapas d’Eric Girardin (La Casserole, 24 rue des Juifs – Strasbourg), Christine Ferber (Maison Ferber, 18 rue des Trois-Epis – Niedermorschwihr) et Jean-Georges Klein (L’Arnsbourg, 18 rue Untermuhlthal – Baerenthal). Les points de rendez-vous sont : La Passerelle (38 quai des Bateliers), L’Impro TNS (1 avenue de la Marseillaise) et Le Cornichon Masqué (17 place du Marché-Gayot). Toutes les info se trouve sur le site et notamment le mot de passe pour accéder à cette soirée !

Rating music on iTunes

Stumbled upon an interesting post on‘s forums describing a rating system for songs in iTunes. Here is the rating chosen, check the post for interesting uses with smart playlists.

–One Star–
This rating is only use under two circumstances:

Either I don’t like the track, and I will delete it from my library (for obvious reasons, I only end up with this when I am rating from my iPod), or I consider it to be “filler.” A filler track is when an artists has a track of random sounds, or sometimes spoken words, that can not be considered a song by its own merit, but an album would be incomplete without it. An example of artists who do this are Nine Inch Nails, and Tool.

–Two Stars–
This is a rating that I use for a track that I am not particularly fond of, by an artist that I like well enough that I wouldn’t want an incomplete album, such as in the above example.

–Three Stars–
This is a neutral rating. When I am judging a track for ratings purposes, I start every track as three stars mentally. Then, as I listen, I will either go up, or down from there. These are tracks that I would not mind listening to, if they were to appear in a playlist that I have set to randomly generate.

–Four Stars–
One notch above three stars, four stars is approaching “favorite” status. This is a song that I may be likely to choose to play, rather than just listen to it at random.

–Five Stars–
These are my favorites. In a playlist of all five star songs, there are no songs that I would get tired of hearing, with the playlist on repeat.

EMI and no-DRM

Annoucement of EMI releasing fully DRM-free albums on Apple’s iTunes Music Store is a signal that the majors are finally listening to consumers. Choosing between locked-up CDs that refused to play on old hardware (like in a car…) and crippled low-fi DRMed tracks from iTunes was an excellent excuse for finding other ways… Now we have a legal way of getting decent quality tracks (as in “at least as good as CD”) that we won’t regret purchasing shall we choose to change computers or music-player.

Integrated Windows authentication in Flock

Integrated Windows authentication in Flock is possible ! Firefox too, of course.Type about:config in the address bar and find the preference named network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris and set the value to a comma separated list of servers that use NTLM authentication. This can be a server name without the default domain, a complete server name with domain or just a domain for all servers in that domain. The important thing is it must match whatever you use in the address bar.