Wine & Fooding Party à Strasbourg le 15 octobre 2007

Ce lundi 15 octobre 2007 aura lieu un Wine & Fooding Party spécial AOC Corbières à partir de 19 heures. La dégustaion de Corbières sera accompagnée de tapas d’Eric Girardin (La Casserole, 24 rue des Juifs – Strasbourg), Christine Ferber (Maison Ferber, 18 rue des Trois-Epis – Niedermorschwihr) et Jean-Georges Klein (L’Arnsbourg, 18 rue Untermuhlthal – Baerenthal). Les points de rendez-vous sont : La Passerelle (38 quai des Bateliers), L’Impro TNS (1 avenue de la Marseillaise) et Le Cornichon Masqué (17 place du Marché-Gayot). Toutes les info se trouve sur le site et notamment le mot de passe pour accéder à cette soirée !

Rating music on iTunes

Stumbled upon an interesting post on‘s forums describing a rating system for songs in iTunes. Here is the rating chosen, check the post for interesting uses with smart playlists.

–One Star–
This rating is only use under two circumstances:

Either I don’t like the track, and I will delete it from my library (for obvious reasons, I only end up with this when I am rating from my iPod), or I consider it to be “filler.” A filler track is when an artists has a track of random sounds, or sometimes spoken words, that can not be considered a song by its own merit, but an album would be incomplete without it. An example of artists who do this are Nine Inch Nails, and Tool.

–Two Stars–
This is a rating that I use for a track that I am not particularly fond of, by an artist that I like well enough that I wouldn’t want an incomplete album, such as in the above example.

–Three Stars–
This is a neutral rating. When I am judging a track for ratings purposes, I start every track as three stars mentally. Then, as I listen, I will either go up, or down from there. These are tracks that I would not mind listening to, if they were to appear in a playlist that I have set to randomly generate.

–Four Stars–
One notch above three stars, four stars is approaching “favorite” status. This is a song that I may be likely to choose to play, rather than just listen to it at random.

–Five Stars–
These are my favorites. In a playlist of all five star songs, there are no songs that I would get tired of hearing, with the playlist on repeat.

EMI and no-DRM

Annoucement of EMI releasing fully DRM-free albums on Apple’s iTunes Music Store is a signal that the majors are finally listening to consumers. Choosing between locked-up CDs that refused to play on old hardware (like in a car…) and crippled low-fi DRMed tracks from iTunes was an excellent excuse for finding other ways… Now we have a legal way of getting decent quality tracks (as in “at least as good as CD”) that we won’t regret purchasing shall we choose to change computers or music-player.

Fix your websites URL’s to increase traffic study shows

The case study showed that this simple change alone had a significant impact on the sites search engine visibility. Nothing else was changed or optimized during the study. The number of indexed pages in Google almost doubled, tripled in Yahoo! and almost quadrupled in MSN.

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Integrated Windows authentication in Flock

Integrated Windows authentication in Flock is possible ! Firefox too, of course.Type about:config in the address bar and find the preference named network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris and set the value to a comma separated list of servers that use NTLM authentication. This can be a server name without the default domain, a complete server name with domain or just a domain for all servers in that domain. The important thing is it must match whatever you use in the address bar.

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