Back in the Bloghouse [The Register] When mainstream news looks at weblogs. I don’t give a shit of what a professional journalist thinks about ‘blogging’. But I will go to the best and fastest news outlet for the things I have some interest and this is where ‘blogs’ shine. On a side note The Register […]

Adobe Photoshop 7.0. PMA 2002: Adobe has today revealed Photoshop 7.0. Probably the most widely used photo manipulation package in the digital photography world this latest encarnation of Adobe’s benchmark application promises more… [Digital Photography Review (]

Earlier today I downloaded and installed Music City from Morpheus. John Robb has been telling me about them. Over 60 million users. Bigger than Napster at its peak. We’re going to learn more about what they’re doing, what protocols they use, perhaps find a way to connect up with our software.  [Scripting News]

If you are an Apple fan, you will enjoy this site: Apple-History.Com Be sure to dig deeper than the home page. Select a model, or browse the links at the top of the page. Be sure to check out the “History” link. It’s well organized, but brief. The site has a fun navigation feature: when […]

Near-perfect CSS design. The End of Free. From a Blogger template by Eric Costello at Three-panel layout. User-selectable font. Resizable text. Randomly morphing background color scheme. This looks to me like the AK-47 of page design: simple, rugged, reliable. Tell me what’s wrong with it. [Jonathon Delacour]

Here is a place where I can find black computer parts for an upcoming digital hub project. Slashdot is the place to go for links to find quiet fans and stuff. Creative Lab’s Audigy Sound Card is perfect for the audio connections. La Maison du Sat  is the place where you can find all things related to satellite reception in France.

Nikon D100 – 6 megapixel D-SLR. PMA 2002: 07:00 EST GMT: Nikon has today announced its first foray into the ‘prosumer’ digital SLR market. The new D100 digital SLR is based on the popular F100 film SLR. The D100 features a six megapixel … [Digital Photography Review (]

Telesym Wi-Fi phone works peer-to-peer as well as through central phone systems (PBXs): These devices will work peer-to-peer for voice-over-IP conversations. If you want to dial out into the PSTN (public switched telephone network), you need a PBX. [80211b News]

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