Reuters.  Microsoft reveals they are working with the DoJ to fight cybercrime (terrorism).  Bing!  Dave and I took a tough stand on this a couple of months ago when we couldn’t figure out why the DoJ threw away 6 years of work on the Microsoft case and sided with Microsoft.  Here is the reason.  Ashcroft […]

OS Diversity Reduces Viruses’ Effectiveness. Even Bill Gates is getting spooked about the problems that Microsoft has with security issues. I would suggest that the problem is not the result of incompetent or reckless programmers, or even of a corporate culture that values features over stability or security. No, the problem is market share. Microsoft […]

BBC.  Mira, Microsoft’s new portable digital screen/tablet technology that connects to a hub PC, will be “out by Christmas” for around $500.  This is how Microsoft plans to soak up excess compute cycles on today’s fast PCs:  use XP profiles to allow everyone in the home to have a digital screen/tablet that connects to a hub […]

With the disclaimer that I think the world of Simon Fell, what is wrong with this sequence. “SOAP 0.9, 1.0, 1.1, SCL, SDL, NASSL, WSDL 1.0, 1.1.” This makes me so angry I can’t tell you, it’s so incredibly disrespectful, of so many people. Why does a nice guy like Simon do that. Shaking my […]

The Current Trend of the Week: Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Hot Spot Infrastructure: Many folks have written in after the Sputnik unveiling to mention two other firms: SOHO Wireless and Joltage. All three firms are promoting what I would label vernacular autochthonous infrastructure just to be wordy. [80211b News]

Benchmarks demolish Apple speed boasts. New kit bested by ancient PIII [The Register] Speed counts when you are using a computer all day long. And as much as I miss my Macintosh, I not letting go of the speed I get with my Athlon 1 Ghz PC. I’ll probably change it very soon for some […]

Yes. DizzyD has hooked up with Jeremy Bowers who’s working on Jabber.root for Radio. Dizzy is one of the lead developers of Jabber, and a Radio user. Jeremy is a Radio developer who’s made it his mission to get Jabber working in our environment. Please sprinkle magic pixie dust on this connection.  [Scripting News] I […]

Ever heard of War Driving? War Driving with Agilent : A photo journal of war driving in Kista, north of Stockholm. War driving by the Bay : Wireless network hacking turns cyber attack into street crime. Featuring Peter Shipley. Vacation War Driving – From Pasadena, CA to San Francisco, CA : Making 802.11b Wireless Access […]

As an interesting side note, the original idea for spread spectrum radio transmissions was put forth by the deceased actress Hedy LaMarr in a patent she submitted for guiding torpedoes (WWII vintage). There is an interesting site that goes into some detail. [George Skoubis] [C:PIRILLO.EXE]

Just a little note to all the centalized services folks.  This year ~140 m computers will be sold.  They will have on average a 1 Ghz processor and 40 Gb of disk.  In contrast, there will only be ~4 m servers sold.   It is easy to speculate that this year’s PC shipments exceeded the combined […]

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