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I’m at the Le Web 3 conference here in Parissince this morning and so far I’m liking it ! First the bad part : flaky wifi in the main conference room. It started with an interesting discussion on identity and privacy and here is what I caught (while fighting wifi connection problems !).

Identification helps users behave. Theft of identity can be a problem and therefore one solution can not be the solution. A centralized government run system is a bad idea. History of identity is important – old users behave well.

No value of a false identity on Facebook. The relations are based on real-world relations. People have normal social interactions on Facebook. You are liable online but it is easier to go after the hosting company. If a company doesn’t disclose the identity of a user they become liable.

Users should be in control of their data – they should be able to opt-in and opt-out easily. Advertisement is going to be more social, more integrated with the medium. Advertisement shouldn’t be a distraction. You can’t share personal identifiable information across websites.

The web is not just a publication space – it is also a discussion space. But publishing is coming to the user generated space. The social web has increased the value of the web because you know the people. The content is getting better.

Next we had Evan Williams of Twitter fame who could measure the Twitter effect for real as the room is full of twitterers from everywhere. A nice speech on the effects of simplicity in design. Then Kevin Rose of Digg was interviewed by Sarah Lacy and the guy is cool for good. Hans Roling was next with a very cool statistical software that plays world data like a movie. Very powerful stuff to learn what the world is doing. He hinted it would be on Google very soon, teachers (and kids !) will love it.

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