My new MacBook Pro retina 15 setup

App Trap With AppTrap, when you move an application to the trash, you’re automatically asked if you want to move the associated preference files as well.

Dropbox Let’s me share my files across my different computers and iOS devices. Stores my 1Password vault too.

1Password This is where all my passwords and licence keys are stored. Can’t live without this one.

Authy Bluetooth For those services with two factor authentication this handy application makes signing in a breeze. Requires Authy app on your iPhone.

Apple Xcode

Appcelerator Titanium Studio

Panic Coda 2

Oracle MySQL Workbench

Oracle VM VirtualBox

Royal TSX An essential link back to the servers at work.

Google Chrome Because I need Flash for VMware vCenter.

Evernote My memory, enough said.

Tweetbot The best Twitter client.

Microsoft Office 2011 I try to avoid using it but when at work it’s a 100% Microsoft environment you can’t really go without it.

Pixelmator A great image editing app for those times you need to tweak an icon or logo.

Battery Health I like to have an eye on my battery and see how it is ageing.

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test Just to have a sense of how fast these 1TB SSD drives really are.

VLC The Swiss Army knife of media players, forget QuickTime, you need this one.

Oracle Java Wish I could live without it.

Spotify What’s life without music?

Rogue Amoeba Airfoil This great piece of software lets me stream my Spotify music to my AirPort Express.

My new Mac mini server setup

This is a list of the stuff I’ve installed on my Mac mini server that I use at work.

RAID setup

Ukelele : I use Ukelele to configure my french Logitech keyboard. Actually I don’t need to use Ukelele but just to install the appropriate keyboard layout and icon file distributed with Ukelele in my /System/Library/Keyboard Layouts.

App Trap



1Password (App Store)

Office 2011


Xcode (App Store)

Reeder (App Store)

Evernote (App Store)

Twitter (App Store)

Pixelmator (App Store)

Photoshop Elements 10



Titanium Studio



iPhone Configuration Utility

SiteSucker (App Store)


Apple Configurator (App Store)

MySQL Workbench

CompareMerge (App Store)

ForkLift (App Store)

Coda 2 (App Store)