My new MacBook Pro retina 15 setup

App Trap With AppTrap, when you move an application to the trash, you’re automatically asked if you want to move the associated preference files as well. Dropbox Let’s me share my files across my different computers and iOS devices. Stores my 1Password vault too. 1Password This is where all my passwords and licence keys are stored. Can’t […]

My new Mac mini server setup

This is a list of the stuff I’ve installed on my Mac mini server that I use at work. RAID setup Ukelele : I use Ukelele to configure my french Logitech keyboard. Actually I don’t need to use Ukelele but just to install the appropriate keyboard layout and icon file distributed with Ukelele in my […]


Marissa Mayer, Vice President, Search Products and User Experience, from Google is on stage talking about Google Goggles (on Android for now) that lets you start a search with a picture you take by using image recognition (shape, color, OCR). Music and video will be next. Next she talks about her vision of news : hyper-personalized […]


Ethan Beard, director of Facebook Developer Network, tells us at LeWeb how Facebook is about identity through your social graph. Facebook connect is the easiest way to logon to a website and he just announced that developers will have access to Facebook’s users’ email now. I believe this is one less reason not to use it and […]

Moving mail from Gmail to Google Apps

I have a bunch of mail in an old Gmail account and today I decided to merge it into my Google Apps account that I now use. Previous methods I was using for moving mail was through IMAP but after looking around I found out Google’s Email Uploader. Google Email Uploader uploads mail to Google Apps from […]

Wine & Fooding Party à Strasbourg le 15 octobre 2007

Ce lundi 15 octobre 2007 aura lieu un Wine & Fooding Party spécial AOC Corbières à partir de 19 heures. La dégustaion de Corbières sera accompagnée de tapas d’Eric Girardin (La Casserole, 24 rue des Juifs – Strasbourg), Christine Ferber (Maison Ferber, 18 rue des Trois-Epis – Niedermorschwihr) et Jean-Georges Klein (L’Arnsbourg, 18 rue Untermuhlthal […]

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