Second day at Le Web

Waking up wasn’t easy this morning ; the MySpace party was a blast ! Today was alot better than yesterday, food and some heating, but most important alot of incredible speakers. We had Eric Besson and Christine Lagarde, both french ministers, to tell us that the french governement has never been so involved in the Internet scene. Both were interesting, but Mrs. Lagarde english blew me away (in Loïc too). Wish all our politicians were that fluent !

The panel on open platforms with Facebook, Google, Microsoft and MySpace was great. Very talented people talking of things that should help us manage our digital ID in the near future. Chris Anderson curator of TED was also a brilliant speaker and his views on the global IQ of the Internet were very interesting. Dr. Brian Cox took us on a trip through our universe and it was very captivating.

After lunch we saw the three finalist of the startup competitiion and the winner (htttp:// was fascinating. They demoed their video search site and it was really awesome to see in action. It searches faces and text and shows you just the part you are looking for !

I attended a Facebook workshop and learned a few things in developping an app for Facebook and found a french company specializing in Facebook app developpement, could be handy some day.

The show by Wine Library host Gary Vaynerchuk was just big huge fun… as was the closing panel with the Gillmor Gang. And incredibly the room was packed right up to the end !

 Now it’s time to eat and get ready for the closing TechCrunch party tonight, but I’ll do what it takes to be here next year for sure ! Thank you Géraldine and Loïc !

First day at Le Web

For the first day two speakers stood out : Helen Fisher and Paulo Coehlo.

Helen presented her research on what happens in our brain when we fall in love and what parts are active in certain situations. She also showed how she manages to put people in 4 different types and told us she has eleborated a questionnaire that helps her very precisely categorized a person in through these 4 temperaments.

Paulo told us that the most important thing for him was to have readers and therefore he isn’t opposed to free downloading of his works. He even argues that it helps him sell more of his work. He told us that people never comment on downloaded books but he gets thousands of emails concerning his “physical” books.

Freezing and hungry at Le Web

Can’t believe how cold it is here, everybody is freezing and sneezing. After last year’s most excellent food this year’s is a real shame. I can’t judge the quality since I didn’t get any, there just wasn’t enough ! Maybe the love theme is to blame, as they say in french : “vivre d’amour et d’eau fraiche”…